Classes are BACK!

I'll admit it, like many of you, I too had difficulty adjusting to day to day life when the pandemic initially hit. Kids were home, work was home, classes and sports cancelled. For a little while, it was refreshing to find ourselves with extra time together but as the weeks worn on the new reality set in a little deeper and I had a hard time motivating myself to dive into my art practice. After months of pausing art classes, I'm thrilled to be preparing for 3 opportunities in Fall 2020.

I've been prepping for a few weeks now, securing dates, gathering materials, and setting up events. Even going through the logistics of event planning has me excited! Preparations are almost done... and classes will be out by the end of the week!

PS. If you aren't on the email distribution list, now's your chance to grab a discount code for classes before anyone else! If you're already signed up- make sure you check your inbox later this week.

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